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Saturday 08 August, 2015

What makes the best local bar? 5 Things

  It’s a question I hadn’t thought about much until recently. Is it a place “where everybody knows your name” as the old Cheers theme crooned? A spot that supports the local community with little league sponsorships, blood drives and the like? Or just a good old reliable? It seems unimportant, but maybe it isn’t. […]

Friday 12 June, 2015

Not By The Hair of My Ginny Gin Gin! 8 Gins to Drink on World Gin Day

    Confession time: Gin and I go way back. In fact, while most of my friends in those experimental teen years broke their boozy teeth on cheap beer, wine and malt coolers if not Southern Comfort or some treacly schnapps flavor, I decided to go straight for gin. Partially motivated by Anglophilia, partially by […]

Masi Amarone
Wednesday 09 October, 2013

Discovering Great Italian Wines at the Kobrand Tour D’Italia 2013

Tasting Italian wines is a process of endless discovery: there are so many regions and so many varieties and so many styles, it seems as if there is always something new (even if it’s “old”). Kobrand’s recent tasting tour was no different, even if many of the houses like Pighin, Folonary, Moretti, Nardi, Tenuta San […]