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JD Barrel Collection
Monday 17 August, 2015

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel – Barrel Proof Reviewed

I almost thought it was a prank when I first heard the news: Jack Daniel’s was releasing a barrel proof version of it’s famous Tennessee Whiskey. For fans of JD, this was exciting news in more ways than one. With the company riding the revenue streams of more crowd-pleasing concoctions like Tennessee Honey and Tennessee […]

Friday 27 April, 2012

Judging Campari Apertivos

  Unlike virtually every bartender on the planet (apparently), I’m not really a “Negroni person.” I can appreciate a well-made one (it’s all about the balance, and carefully chosen gin and amaro), however, I don’t consider it a favorite. But it’s because I’m not on Team Negroni that I was most intrigued by the offer […]

Sunday 15 April, 2012

Are You Drinking What I’m Drinking?

I can’t say covering the 2010 Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association convention is the toughest assignment I’ve ever had, but drinking almost non-stop for 48 hours is…well…click on the cocktail contest photo above for the full blog in EscapeHatchDallas. I can’t remember the details anymore. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED APRIL 2010