Minute Mixologist: Darker, Stormier “Sail On, Sailor”

"Sail On, Sailor" (with apologies to the Beach Boys) was admittedly born out of the opportunity that my mother's under-utilized liquor cabinet offered. But it works, as an effort towards a more complex "Dark & Stormy." Gosling's, my first favorite dark rum (and creators of the D&S), would certainly do well in this recipe, but [...]


Minute Mixologist: Gin-Dry Soda “Le Vent du Provence”

Inspired by an event to mix cocktails using Dry Soda's uncommon flavors, and by the legendary flower of Provence, I crafted this very simple but satisfying go-anywhere apertif. 2 parts Martin Miller's London Dry Gin (another London Dry may suffice, but I like the clarity of Miller's for this) 1 part Creme Yvette liqueur Stir [...]

Frequent Flier Sauza Tequila St Germain Becherovka

Minute Mixologist: Tequila-Becherovka “Frequent Flier”

This summer fizz started off with the simple objective of making something work with Becherovka in the hotter months. The name comes from the simple fact that these far-flung-ingredients: Mexican Tequila, French Elderflower liqueur and Czech Becherovka liqueur have no good reason being in a glass together. However, like many of mixed ethnicity, they become [...]


“Virtual Bartender:” But Can I Tell Him My Troubles?

Considering the picture this thing showed of an "Old Fashioned" looked more like a Gin & Tonic, my friends in the USBG shouldn't threaten to strike... though in fairness, it doesn't call itself a Virtual GOOD Bartender 😉 Apparently, Caroline On Crack is a fan. Find it at select Walgreens in New York City, Chicago [...]


Minute Mixologist: Galliano Amarillo

I've been trying to explore the possibilities of Galliano beyond the "classic" Harvey Wallbanger (a word rarely applied to 50s-era concoctions)...and thought to give the Yellow Bird recipe a Martinique treatment, using Rhum Agricole and Creole Shrubb in place of the dark rum and triple sec, serving it on ice as a long drink--and topping [...]

The "Marooned"

Minute Mixologist: Marooned

For my neighborhood pool party, I thought to build a classic "Tiki" profile from scratch: equal parts Bacardi Oakheart (or other spiced rum), J.M. Rhum Agricole silver, sour cherry nectar (available at ethnic markets), limeade (sub: fresh lime & a dash of gum syrup); shake with ice, pour into glass with fresh ice, seasonal fruit, [...]


Tiki Time at the Spare Room, Hollywood

It's time. Time to shake off the mourning for the late lamented Bahooka and get your Tiki on in style. While you'll do fine in a classic Zombie or Smogcutter vein at Tonga Hut in the Valley or Tiki Ti on the East Side, deep in the heart of Hollywood, the Roosevelt's Spare Room brings you another series of dedicated Island-themed midweek nights with top guest bartenders. Bring your designated driver.


Blueberry Grappa by G. Bertagnolli

Not your crazy uncle's bathtub moonshine--Bertagnolli grappas are a smooth, sophisticated ending to a memorable mangia. The blueberry is like a whiff of Summer sweetness in a glass.   Bertagnolli Distillery Offered at Sirio Ristorante Las Vegas   Click the photo above for a full view!  


Life of the Party at Fatty’s Public House, West Hollywood

Hendricks gin, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, fresh grapefruit juice, sparkling wine, in a coupe so deep you're tempted to dive in. I think I can say with some confidence that Roscoe Arbuckle would've ordered this ample, balanced, tart and floral cocktail two at a time. And by the way, the bartender in the back was [...]


The Old Country at Sirio Ristorante, Aria Las Vegas

A truly Italian cocktail, this colder cousin to the Negroni combines Carpano Antica, Fernet-Branca and fresh squeezed blood orange for a fruity but serious sipper. Let it whet your appetite for Maccioni's classic Tuscan menu. Sirio Ristorante Click the photo above for a full view!


Rye Bruja and The Cardoon at One Eyed Gypsy, Los Angeles

A little bird tells us that one Jack White held his Grammy awards after-party at this relatively under-regarded Dana Hollister "dive" in Downtown LA. We missed him by 24 hours, but here's hoping he tried at least one of these solid Rye-based new additions to their cocktail menu: On the left, Rye Bruja hits somewhere [...]


Minute Mixologist: Improved Hot Buttered Rhum

As you enjoy your holiday revelry, consider this slight adaptation of the classic mugful Hot Buttered Rum. In place of traditional Jamaican rum, I used Martinique Agricole rum, which I think incorporates better with the cider (use hard cider for serious drinkers, sweet for socialites). I also prefer ground cloves over whole ones--there's enough in [...]


Minute Mixologist: The Latketini!

It wasn't by design that your Minute Mixologist decided to tribute another Jewish holiday with Stoli Gala Applik, but what can I say? You like what you like! And this time, it caught the eye of BonAppetit.com who swooped in to publish the recipe as soon as I'd tweeted the pic above. Read all about [...]


Canard aux Cerise at Smoke, West Hollywood

Highlight of the cocktail menu at this casually fashionista steak house, the Canard aux Cerise could be considered a mariner's Manhattan: Dos Maderas PX dark rum is infused with duck fat, then combined with Jerez cherries and bitters, and poured over an oversized ice cube for a sipping cocktail that is smoky, saucy and just [...]


Minute Mixologist: The Rosh Hashanah YomPertif

Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, the Minute Mixologist (that's me) presents a Apples'n'Honey-inspired apertif: sweet, tart, bracing and fresh, to start the New Year's feast on the right note: Prepare a quart or so of sun tea with Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea. In a cocktail shaker, combine: 2 oz. Stoli Gala Applik [...]

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