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Wednesday 11 May, 2016

What Spirits Will Ascend? Inside the 73rd WSWA 2016

It always takes a few days to digest everything that happens at WSWA—not to mention, sober up—hence why it’s taken me some time to post this wrap up on the convention of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America in Las Vegas  April 18-21st. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Distinct […]

For the Love of Cocktails Ricardo Murcia
Monday 02 February, 2015

Las Vegas Getting The Cocktail Fest It Deserves!

Las Vegas has its share of serious cocktail mixology destinations; it’s home to the Nightclub & Bar Show, WSWA (bi-annually) and Nth Universal Whiskey Experience and more than a few competions. But for some reason, it still doesn’t feel as it if receives the level of respect it ought to in the world of spirits […]

Boss of the Bars 2014
Saturday 17 January, 2015

Judging You, Judging Me!

This past winter, I got a chance to participate in another couple of fun mixology contests, the “Boss of the Bars” competition on repeal day at Downtown Las Vegas’ Mob Museum, alongside Mixologist Ricardo Murcia, and fellow scribes Xania Woodman and Joy Robertson; then the BArocker regional bartender contest at the Hard Rock Cafe on […]

Friday 21 November, 2014

Where Is The Best Bar Supply Store? I Vote For Kegworks Buffalo!

The news out of Buffalo this week reminded me that I was overdue (surprise) to post about an amazing store I visited there a few months ago…back when the weather was milder, thank goodness! At the tail end of a trip to Western New York this summer,  I was flying home out of Buffalo airport […]

Friday 03 October, 2014

Cocktails and more on

My work at hasn’t been just about food and chefs–I get to write about cocktails and other beverages as well. Here’s a few of my pieces there: Master Mixologist Tony Abu-Ganim on Vodka Distilled A New Holiday Cocktail: The Latketini Vintage Spirits: Are They Trash or Treasure? How the L.A. Cocktail Scene Is Different […]

Salvatore and Giada DeLaurentiis at Bound by Salvatore Calabrese at the Cromwell Las Vegas
Friday 06 June, 2014

VIDEO: Salvatore Calabrese on Why The Negroni Is The Perfect Cocktail

Before Negroni Week ended, I wanted to post this interview with “The Maestro,” legendary bartender and mixologist Salvatore Calabrese, on why the Negroni is–like so many bartenders–his favorite cocktail…and so many other interesting topics. I reacquainted myself with Salvatore a few weeks ago at the opening of his new bar in Las Vegas, Bound by […]

Saturday 05 April, 2014

UNLVino Hits 40: What To Expect

Las Vegas has no shortage of wine and food fundraiser events, but next week sees the return of the oldest continuous one, UNLVino, now celebrating its incredible 40th year (Imagine how much it’s improved since 1974. They probably even have more than one Chardonnay!) With four nights of varied events, UNLVino is clearly “bigger and […]

Thursday 06 February, 2014

Did Xania Really Stiff A Bartender? UPDATED

Wow. Talk about a ruckus in a rocks glass. About three days ago, Xania Woodman, a Las Vegas-based cocktail journalist (who happens to be a friend and colleague) posted a pic on her facebook page of a bar receipt, the location and name blacked out, on which she wrote in the tip space “Don’t shake […]

Planters Punch By Marcos Tello
Friday 24 January, 2014

In The Doldrums of Winter? What Better Time to Talk Tiki!

We are in the depths of a Winter that has really been hitting hard, especially for my friends in the Midwest and East Coast. So what better time to talk about… Tiki drinks!? Well, yes, actually. The culture of Tiki is all about aspiring to tropical Polynesia (a fantasy one, at that)—not actually being there. […]

Friday 29 November, 2013

Mixologists and Bartenders in The Tasting Panel

As Editor-At-Large for Anthony Dias Blue’s The Tasting Panel magazine, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the world’s best winemakers as well as master distillers, mixologists and other experts of the spirits industry. Here are some of the many features I published (click on each to see the full story): OR CLICK HERE […]