Sunday 15 April, 2012

Watch Your Back, Yard House

I will always have a soft spot for a category killer: that intrepid soul, that rugged individual who decides that his or her place must have the largest, widest, most expensive or strangest selection of any one thing. Somehow I feel it echoes the pioneering spirit that made this country great. Even if its not […]

Sunday 15 April, 2012

Semi-Secret Spiritmaster of Santa Monica

You’d hardly think of Michael’s among the cutting edge of cuisine in Santa Monica–though the patio dining spot was once among the most interesting eating in town, it’s long ceded that title, even if it manages to soldier on for the old guard–Robert Redford was dining the night I was there–seemingly little changed from when […]

Sunday 15 April, 2012

Master of All He Purveys: Jack Daniel’s Jeff Norman

Jeff Norman is like a rock star in the liquor business. And not just because he is the Master Taster of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, one of the most popular brown liquors in the world, one of the best selling American liquors overall, and one of the best known American brands of any kind. No, […]

Sunday 15 April, 2012

Did you know I am Certified in Tequila?

It’s true. I had the rare opportunity to participate in the first US Certification class from the Consejo Regulador del Tequila of Mexico, at Dos Caminos Las Vegas. Read all about it in my blog for EscapeHatchDallas! ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2010

Sunday 15 April, 2012

One Sake, Two Sake, Red Sake, Blue Sake

Even as the American palate expands dramatically in terms of wines and spirits, Japanese brewed sake remains remarkably misunderstood in the US. The selection is so broad—even just what’s available here—that every tasting provides more opportunity for knowledge and enjoyment. A few weeks ago, Bevi distributors’ Sia Marshall hosted a tasting of Kiuchi brewery’s Hitachino […]

Sunday 15 April, 2012

VIDEO: Get Fuzzy!

I had a blast meeting pro golfing legend Fuzzy Zoeller, and being the envy of my serious golfer friends as the Masters winner gave me a swing lesson in the name of tallking up Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka for The Tasting Panel. Check out the printed article and video interview below… by the end, I […]

Sunday 15 April, 2012

Sommeliers Are Hot!

In late 2007 I spent three months researching and reporting on the previously unpublicized young sommelier community in Las Vegas. The story ended up influencing many imitators. Download the entire article And here is an updated look at Vegas’ best wine destinations ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2009